Fun & Easy Japanese Conversation Class

A Japanese conversation class aimed to help new Japanese learners gain improvement and confidence in speaking Japanese. Conducted in a fun yet effective way to get you comfortable with communicating in Japanese.​


How We Conduct The Speaking Class

Learn New Vocabulary From Interesting Video

One of the biggest challenges for a beginner Japanese learner to start a conversation is the "LACK OF WORDS" to construct a proper sentence. Let's learn new vocabulary that are from different topics and for together from topics out of your textbook!​

Applying Grammar Rules To Newly Learn Words

Even if you know many Japanese words, without using the grammar correctly, you may convey the wrong messages. Let's learn how to apply the grammar CORRECTLY to the new words you had learned in class.

Learn To Listen & Read Japanese To Have Better Conversation Skills

You are almost there! You can now speak basic Japanese. However a conversation consist of listening to others and replying them.​​ Let's practice your listening and reading skill so you can understand what other people said and speak more fluent Japanese.​

Role Play Conversation Practice

Congratulations, you can now initiate a basic Japanese conversation! ​With what you had learned in class, we will have a role play session with you to let you test out how much you have improved.​

***Depending on the topics, some class may not have role play session.

Online Class Features


Japan Cultural & Out Of Text Book Topics

Not the typical syllabus you studied in a normal Japanese class. All topics were selected to give you the best speaking practice experience and learn more about “Japan”.

Fun & Effective Learning Experience

Maximum student in a class is 30 students. Therefore, everyone will have a chance to practice their speaking skills. By utilizing images and videos, the class is very interactive and interesting. 

Conducted By Experience Bilingual Teachers

All the classes are conducted by non-native bilingual teachers who are specialized in teaching NON-NATIVE BEGINNER JAPANESE LEARNERS. They will interact with students and guide them through proper Japanese conversations.



There will be 4 sessions a week.

Every Tuesday

9:00am to 10:30am

(Japan Time)

Every Wednesday

10:00am to 11:30am

(Japan Time)

Every Saturday

9:00am to 10:30am

(Japan Time)

Every Sunday

6:00pm to 7:30pm

(Japan Time)

Let's Start Practicing Japanese Speaking Now!