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All The Inspiration You Need To Study In Japan

Study In Japan | 10 Minutes Read
Written by : Aliza
11 August 2021

Moving to an entirely different country, with unknown faces, new cultures and an unfamiliar language may as well be one of the most difficult things to do. With a little bit of inspiration and the right motivation, anything is possible. If you’re worried about not being able to fit in due to language differences and need a head start, you might want to check out these part time and full time online Japanese language courses.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that an exciting new experience awaits you. And we're here to tell you all about it. Friendly and humble people, delicious cuisine, breathtaking cities and timeless traditions are just a few of the amazing things that you’ll get to experience if you’re planning to study in Japan.

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If you’re unsure about what universities or language schools you can apply to, check out these amazing study abroad programs. In the meantime, here are 6 reasons that will inspire you to study in Japan.

1. Superior Education System

With one of the world's best-educated populations, Japan has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Through the implementation of industry 4.0, advanced technologies and an impeccable education system, Japan has made significant contributions through its unique products, mainly in the automobile and electrical industries.

It is important for students, who are planning to study abroad, to consider different universities and the value and scope of their courses before coming to a final decision. Multiple public and private universities in Japan offer a variety of courses for international students ranging from technology, science, business, arts and language, which has enabled Japan to rank in the top 10 countries for quality education.

2. The Delicious Japanese Cuisine

Have you heard of sushi? Of course, who hasn't? But did you know that sushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine? ​

Not just amazing and authentic sushi, Japan also offers plenty of regional and seasonal food options for both affordable and fine dining. The streets of Japan are full of restaurants ranging from cheap street food stands to old ryoteis, karaoke-food places, uniquely themed restaurants (Pokemon) and five star hotels for any type of dining experience that you want!​

We realize that as a student, you may want to try as much Japanese food as you can but within your budget. No worries, we have prepared a list of all the affordable restaurants you MUST try at least once when you’re in Japan. Grab your international friends and get ready for the most exquisite food adventure. ​

3. Is Health And Safety Your Top Priority?

As an international student, who is away from home, you will be comforted to know that Japan is one of the safest and healthiest countries in the world to study abroad. With an exceptionally low crime rate, you’re free to do almost anything you want and at whatever time of the day - as long as it is legal. From going on solo travel adventures to taking long relaxing walks at night, you’re safe to go!

The country has an excellent health care system and provides health insurance to international students after they enroll for The National Health Insurance Plan. People who prefer to eat healthy would also be delighted to know that convenience stores (konbinis) located at almost every corner are stocked with delicious, affordable and healthy meals. Japanese people are committed to keeping public spaces and their cities clean, so make sure you follow all the rules.

4. Exploring the Japanese Culture

Every country you visit offers you an opportunity to discover a new culture. By studying and living in Japan, you will get a chance to explore, experience and become a part of the amazing Japanese culture.

Starting with the religion, you will be amazed to find multiple Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples constructed side by side, which are often called Shinbutsu-shūgō. With various traditions and festivals celebrated every year across the country, you will always have something to look forward to. We would suggest you mark your calendars especially for these Japanese festivals: Yuki Matsuri, Omizutori and Nagasaki Lantern Festival.

And do you like video games and Anime? Well, get ready to experience a completely different world of e-gaming and animation. (We will write one blog that talk about the Anime culture in Japanese in near future!)

5. Work Opportunities

For Better Career

With a flourishing economy, Japan presents various work opportunities for international students and expatriates. You will have opportunities to work in some of the well known MNCs like Sony, Rakuten, Toyota, Aeon and so much more. Or if you are a gamers, or you like to watch Anime or read Manga, you can also become a CG artist or Seiyuu here in Japan!

***But in order to apply for the Working Visa and start working in Japan, you must complete your bachelor degree and most of the time need to have at least Japanese language level of JLPT N2.​

SSW (Specific Skills Workers) Visa

If your goal is to experience living in Japan and career is less important, you will like to consider SSW (Specific Skills Workers) Visa.

In recent years, Japan has launched the SSW Visa. Good news about this SSW Visa is that bachelor degree and Japanese language level of JLPT N2 level are "NOT REQUIRED"! Even though there are limited choices of work you can choose, but you obtain this Visa so much more easier. You can obtained it through enrolling in various language schools and studying a language course in Japan.​

6. Lifestyle

If we could describe life in Japan in one word, it would be: Spectacular. We can promise you that living in Japan(even for just a few months)will evolve your outlook on life. From public transport to public washrooms, Japan offers comfort and a living standard that not many other countries can compete with.

Japanese people are known to be the most punctual and so is their public transport system. The fast and timely public buses and trains are the main source of commute for most people every day and are known for their strict scheduling. Public washrooms in Japan are best described as luxurious. With a clean atmosphere, tinted glass walls, seat warmers, heated bidets, and soft music, Japan has really gone over the top with their public washrooms.

Lastly, how do you feel about eating alone? Do you need that confidence boost to walk in a restaurant and eat alone? Japan is the perfect place for it. Eating alone is a norm in Japan and Japanese people are completely comfortable with it. How about you go and join them now?!

Was that enough inspiration for you to start packing? If yes, then we have more amazing things to tell you about living in Japan. Let's go find out!