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Japanese E-Book

電子書籍 JapaneseE-Book Study Material To Bring Your Japanese Language Skills To The Next Level Japanese Language Study Just started learning Japanese and want to quickly level up your Japanese language skills? Or are you currently preparing for your JLPT N5 test? Our workbook covers all the essential for JLPT N5 exam including grammar, reading, vocabulary, …

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Kodomo Japanese Station

Kodomo Japanese Station Explore Japanese Language & Culture In A Fun & Playful Way SIGN UP FOR FREE TRIAL NOW OR LEARN MORE PROGRAM FEATURES Bilingual Teacher All classes are conducted by “Bilingual Teacher” to make sure all students are learning the “Authentic Japanese Language & Culture”. Extensive Topics Students will learn Japanese and have …

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Japanese Conversation Class

WEEKLY JAPANESE CONVERSATION CLASS 『毎週』​日本語会話を練習しよう!​ Achieve Japanese Speaking Fluency With Our Interactive Japanese Conversation Class. Learn More Let’s Practice Japanese Conversation Now! Are you interested in speaking fluent Japanese? Do you want to be able to have conversations with native Japanese speakers? If so, then a weekly Japanese conversation class is a great option for …

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Japanese Level Self Check Test

Japanese Language Level Self Check Test N5 Take Japanese Beginner Level 1 Test now! Take Japanese Beginner Level 2 Test now! Take Japanese Beginner Level 3 Test now! Take Japanese Beginner Level 4 Test now! N4 Take Japanese Intermediate Level Test now! N3 Take Japanese Advanced Level Test now! N2 Take Japanese Advanced Level Test …

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