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Achieve Japanese Speaking Fluency With Our Interactive Japanese Conversation Class.

Let's Practice Japanese Conversation Now!

Are you interested in speaking fluent Japanese? Do you want to be able to have conversations with native Japanese speakers? If so, then a weekly Japanese conversation class is a great option for you.

Tailored For Beginner & Advanced Level

Our Japanese conversation classes are tailored for beginner and advanced students. Whether you're just starting out or you're looking to improve your fluency, our classes will help you reach your goals.

Professional Slides & Study Material

All Japanese conversation practice topics is selected to give you the best learning experience. You'll receive a professionally crafted slides and study material for each conversation class.

Small Group & Immersive Classes

To ensure that all students have ample opportunity to practice Japanese conversation, classes will be conducted in small groups. This will allow for a fully immersive and interactive Japanese conversation experience.

Experience Bilingual Teachers

Our teachers are able to communicate in both Japanese and English. You'll be speaking Japanese most of the time during the class, however you can always ask the teacher questions in English for explanation!


Role Play








What Will You Be Doing In The Japanese Conversation Class


✅Role play


✅Question & Answer

✅Listening & reading practice

✅Advanced Japanese Learning

✅Learn new vocabulary, keywords and phrases

Based on your Japanese proficiency, choose a level that is suitable for you and make progress accordingly.


Japanese Language Level : N5 & N4

2 Japanese Conversation Classes Per Week


9.30PM - 10.30PM JST


8.30PM - 10.30PM JST

3 Months Subscription

54 USD/Month (RM220/Month)



Japanese Language Level : N3 & Above

2 Japanese Conversation Classes Per Week


9.30PM - 10.30PM JST


11.00AM - 12.00PM JST

3 Months Subscription

54 USD/Month (RM220/Month)

We will provide you with the best support to help you master your Japanese conversation skills.

- There will be a dedicated WhatsApp group for each level for easy communication and support among students and Nippon Hippo.

- All the teaching slides and study material of each class will be provided to you.

Still Not Sure If The Japanese Conversation Class Is For You?

Learn more about our classes and how they can help you improve your Japanese skills today!