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Mainichi Japanese Conversation Class

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『まいにち』​ 日本語会話を練習しよう!​

The Perfect Practice Ground For Japanese Learners Who Want To Speak Like Native Japanese​.

Let's start practicing Japanese Conversation now!

Each Class Format Are Specially Designed To Improve A Specific Part Of Your Japanese Speaking Skills.


Role Play


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Through the real life based scenarios role-play sessions, you'll get more and more comfortable in speaking Japanese and increase your confidence significantly.




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In the discussion sessions, you'll practice expressing your thoughts and feelings with Japanese, and at the same time gain knowledge about the topic of discussion.




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Debating in Japanese will help you think faster in Japanese and picking more effective Japanese words to create a better experience Japanese conversation.

Question & Answer
Vocabulary / Keywords / Phrases Sharing
Listening & Reading Practice
Role Play
(Depending on topics some classes will not have role play sessions.)
Advanced Japanese Learning
(Japanese in respectful form, Proverbs & Idioms, Local Japanese Manners)

No More Practicing Japanese Conversation With Smart Devices.

Learn New Japanese Words In Every Class.

You'll learn useful Japanese vocabulary that is related to the Japanese conversation topics in every class.

Understand Classes Easier With Our Bilingual Teacher. ​

You'll be speaking Japanese most of the time in the Japanese conversation class, however you can always ask the teacher questions in English for explanation!​

Conversation Topics That Will "Make" You Speak Higher Level Japanese. ​

All Japanese conversation topics are handpicked by the teachers to give you the best Japanese speaking learning experience.​

Based on your Japanese proficiency, choose a level that is suitable for you and make progress accordingly.

Recommended Japanese Level

Just started learning Japanese and are currently JLPT N5 level.​

*** Not for zero basic students.

Student's Goal​

Acquire basic Japanese speaking skills, gain confidence in speaking Japanese, and learn more Japanese vocabulary.​

1 Month Subscription

$85/per month


Normal Price
Only $2.65 (RM10.93) Per Class
Unlimited Access To All Classes

3 Months Subscription

$59/per month


30% OFF From Original Price
Only $1.84 (RM7.65) Per Class
Unlimited Access To All Classes

6 Months Subscription

$49/per month


42% OFF From Original Price
Only $1.53 (RM6.37) Per Class
Unlimited Access To All Classes


10.00pm – 11.00pm
11.45am – 12.45pm
7.00pm – 8.30pm
11.50am – 12.50pm
10.00pm – 11.00pm
9.00am – 10.00am
10.15pm – 11.15pm
09.00am – 10.00am
10.15pm – 11.15pm

*** Time is in Japan Standard Time.

*** You may request to switch to another level if you find the class is too easy for you. It will take 1 to 7 working days for the level switching.



To provide better Japanese learning experience, all conversation classes will be conducted in an organized and structured flow.


Class Begin
The class will start off with the teacher's self introduction & classroom rules briefing.
Topic Introduction & Discussion
Teacher will introduce the topic of the class. Then explain and provide more details about the topic. At the same time have a brief discussion about the topic with the students.
Keyword/Phrases/Vocabulary Sharing
After a brief discussion about the topic, the teacher will share a list of useful and important keywords/phrases/vocabulary that can be used for the coming conversation practice.
***Teacher will also share the study material download link!
Main Conversation Practice
Conversation practice begins! Depending on the level and the class you choose, you will be practicing conversation in different ways. Such as debate, discussion, roleplay and more.
Class End
Teacher will then conclude the class, and once again, the teacher will share the study material download link for students who have not yet downloaded the study material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mainichi Japanese Conversation Class is a Japanese speaking class aimed to help Japanese learners to achieve native level Japanese speaking skills.

The Mainichi Japanese Conversation Class is for people who want to achieve native level Japanese speaking skills. (Please note this Japanese conversation class is not for zero basics Japanese learners.)

The subscription fee is charged monthly and you will be bound to a minimum subscription period.

1 Month Subscription Plan – $85 per month with minimum subscription of 1 month.
3 Months Subscription Plan -$59 per month with minimum subscription of 3 months.
6 Months Subscription Plan – $49 per month with minimum subscription of 6 months.

After the bounded subscription period, you can decide to continue your plan with the same price, or unsubscribe.

You are not required to join every Japanese conversation class. However it is best to join at least 2 classes every week to see results in improving your Japanese speaking skills.

You may request to change levels if you find the current level is too easy or too difficult for you. It will take 1 – 7 working days for the changes to be done.

If you are currently still in the free trial period, you will need to unsubscribe the current level, and subscribe again to your desired level.

No more speaking awkwardly with your Japanese friends!



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