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We know that everyone has their own taste when comes to learning Japanese. Some people can learn effectively through reading, watching videos, close guidance by teacher or mix & match of different learning methods.

Here in NIPPON HIPPO we want to provide you the flexibility of choosing your own most effective way of learning Japanese.


Private Lesson

Couldn't find a Japanese language class that can fulfill your very specific needs? Let us design the syllabus that you desire to achieve your learning goals together. (1 to maximum of 4 students only and best for all levels.)


Japanese Online Class

"仲間" means companion in Japanese. In the Japanese Online Class, you will get to know like minded Japanese learner and study Japanese language with them and our bilingual teachers to master Japanese reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. (Best for all levels)



Being able to speak Japanese confidently and fluently is one goal that every Japanese learner have in mind. We will help you to achieve it through building a strong Japanese speaking foundation with our 4 steps process. (Best for N5 and N4 or equivalent students.)

SJE プログラム

Speak Japanese Everyday

Are you one of them who had study Japanese for long period, but still couldn't speak like a Native? Let's start practicing Japanese conversation with our Bilingual Native Japanese Teacher together with Japanese leaners from all around the world. With 250+ speaking session every month, we will help you achieve native Japanese speaking level. (Best for N3, N2, N1 or equivalent students)


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