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Mainichi Japanese Conversation Class – Intermediate



A Japanese online class focusing on improving Japanese learners’ Japanese speaking skills and helping Japanese learners to achieve native Japanese level Japanese speaking skills. Consist of 3 levels beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Depending on the student’s Japanese language level, they will need to choose a level to start and progress accordingly until they are satisfied with their Japanese speaking skills.

Quick Tips To Choose The Level That Are Suitable For You
If you find the SJE Program difficult, you may want to try Mainichi Japanese Conversation Class – Intermediate level, else we suggest you to participate the advanced level class.

– Please note that you are require to have at least beginner level Japanese proficiency to join the Mainichi Japanese Conversation Class
– Please read the Terms & Conditions below before subscribing to the program. Once you successfully checkout and purchase the services/products, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.
– If you subscribed to the program with the early bird price, you will pay now and your next payment will be on 1 April 2022. Your monthly subscription fees will be $35 until you unsubscribe from the program.
– Subscribe to the 3 months Mainichi Japanese Conversation Class subscription to enjoy the $35 early bird price!

From: $35 / month


Terms & Conditions


Stable Internet Connection

All classes are conducted on Google Meet. You will need to have stable internet connection and electronic devices that allow them to use Google Meet.

Japanese Level Requirement

Beginner Level - Basic Japanese

Intermediate Level - N4 or higher level

Advanced Level - N3 or higher level

*** Please note that you'll need to have at least basic level Japanese to be able to participate in the Mainichi Japanese Conversation Class.

*** Do not know Japanese at all? No worries! You can join our online lessons to brush up your Japanese language skill.
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