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Useful Japanese Phrases – 100 Scenarios



“おはようございます.” Having trouble reading that sentence? It is just a simple ‘Good morning’. In this E-book, we teach you how you can express your feeling with more than 100 powerful Japanese phrases  for 100  different scenarios. From learning greetings to having a basic conversation, we have it all covered for you in this one book. This E-book will help you explore the language by teaching you Japanese pronunciation and writing.


This E-Book Is Best For :

Complete beginner.

People who want to speak Japanese right away.

People who want to travel to Japan.

People who are looking for a practical conversation guide.

This E-book includes :

- Greetings (such as “Good Morning”)

- Basic Questions (such as “Where are you from?”)

- Compliments (such as “I like your cooking”)

- Hobbies (such as “I like swimming”)

- Making Transactions (such as buying a ticket, pay for food)

- Directions (such as “Do you have a map?”)

- Time (such as “What time is it?”)



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