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What Is SJE Program?


The SJE Program is solely based on conversing in Japanese aiming on taking your Japanese conversation skills to the next level. Our goal is to help you to speak like a native Japanese through showing you how native Japanese speak and provide you opportunity to practice Japanese conversation with others.

Why should I join SJE Program?


Value over price Japanese speaking program experience.

Gain confidence of speaking with Japanese friend.

Attain the ability to speak Japanese fluently and coherently.

Conversation practice companions from all over the world.

SJE Program provides you real life Japanese conversation opportunities.

Why SJE Program Is Unique?


New Approach To Level Up Your Japanese Speaking Skill

In order to give you ideas on how to initiate conversations in Japanese, we’ve adopted a new approach and have planned a list of interesting topics surrounding Japan culture, work, news , anime and manga that will help you to learn more about the country and its culture.

More Than 250 Topics A Month

We will have more than 250 topics a month for students to join and discuss! At the same time, topics will change every day to ensure you learn something new!

Unlimited Access To Class

Classes available 365 days a year! We covered 9 sessions a day (50 min per session). Students from all over the world can join anytime , anywhere at their own convenience!

Suitable For All Level

Classes are divided into two levels : EASY JAPANESE & ADVANCE JAPANESE. Students can access Easy Japanese and Advance Japanese level at the same time. You can practice beginner daily conversation in Easy Japanese level, or challenge yourselves with news and business related topics in Advance Japanese Level.

Experience Japanese Speaker

No more speaking awkwardly or use only textbook style conversation. Our goal is to bring out the most natural and practical Japanese conversation. Our experience Japanese Speaking Teacher will show you how to speak Japanese naturally like native.

How We Conduct SJE Program


What food do you like to eat

When you are facing people you don't like

What have you bought in 2021

Topics & Schedule


Easy Japanese

Advance Japanese

Price & Plan


Start your speaking journey with less than 2.50$ per day!

Frequently Ask Questions


SJE Program is a subscription based service made to improve your Japanese speaking skills. You can attend classes of different levels to practice Japanese conversation.

Classes are divided into only two levels : Beginner Japanese & Advance Japanese. Students can access all levels to challenge their listening and speaking skills.

Beginner Japanese : Focuses on daily life conversations. (Best for N5 level and above)

Advance Japanese : Focuses on work and business related conversations. (Best for N3 level and above)

You’ll need to be at least JLPT N5 level(or have to study equivalent hours as JLPT N5) or better basic Japanese to join the SJE program. If you do not know any Japanese at all, no worries! You can join our online lessons to brush up your Japanese language skill.

You can attend an unlimited number of lessons each month.

Lessons take place every day, including weekends and holidays. You can see the schedule here

Make sure that you have the right local time zone written in the bottom left corner of the calendar. All of our lessons are shown in the JAPAN time zone.

We schedule lessons at different times on different days so that students from around the world can participate.

We conduct sessions on Zoom. For best experience, it is advised to install the Zoom app. You can participate through any device from anywhere. Some of our students only join the speaking session on weekends and their off days, while others join during their break time.

There will be around 10~20 per class. So no worries, everyone will have countless opportunities to practice Japanese conversation during the speaking session. After the Japanese teacher introduces the topics, and shares all practical conversation methods, participants will break into groups to practice Japanese speaking.

As we grow and the number of students enrolled in this course increases, we will add more teachers and more lessons. This means that in the future there will be many lessons per day. 

We have a Discord Community where you can interact and connect with other members.

The subscription fee is charged monthly. Depending on the subscription plan you signed up for, there will be a minimum subscription period that is bound to your subscription plan. We have three different subscription plans for you.

1) 1 Month Subscription Plan
$75 per month with minimum subscription of 1 month.

2) 3 months Subscription Plan
$50 per month with minimum subscription of 3 months.

3) 6 Months Subscription Plan
$45 per month with minimum subscription of 6 months.

After the bounded subscription period,  you can decide to continue your plan with the same price, or unsubscribe.

We are making things easy for you. You don’t have to do anything if you decide to continue with the plan. However, if you decide to unsubscribe, all you need to do is submit a form and we will proceed with your request. No worries, you can access the form easily after subscribing.

If you decide that it isn’t for you and you want to quit, you can quit easily by submitting a form 2 weeks in advance before your next subscription payment. You can still enjoy the SJE program until your subscription ends, but unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. You can always talk to our support team if any issues arise.

You Too Can Think & Speak Like A Native Japanese.

A conversation based learning program aimed to take your Japanese speaking skills a step closer to native level.​


You'll Be Discovering, Exploring, Discussing About Japan & Its Culture

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Discover More About Japan & Its Culture

On top of practicing speaking Japanese, our native bilingual teachers will also share their knowledge about the topic in class. So student will have a better understanding on the topic.

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Explore & Share Your Thinking With Everyone In Class

To boost your confidence in speaking Japanese, our native bilingual teachers will pick students to share their thinking about the class topic with all students in the class.

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Discuss / Debate The Topic In A Small Group Setting

There will also be a small group discussion sessions between students to discuss more in-depth about the topic. (From time to time, there will be debate session as well.)


We Want To Get Your Japanese Speaking Skills To Native Level

Unlimited Access To 250+ Live Speaking Sessions Every Month
Bilingual Native Teachers Coming From Different Background & Industry
Topics Surrounding Japan Culture, Work, News, Anime and More
Provide You Ample Of Opportunities To Practice Japanese Conversation.
There will be 9 speaking sessions everyday day(50 mins per session).You can unlimitedly access to all classes to practice Japanese speaking with people from all over the world.​​
Guidance By Bilingual Native Japanese Speakers​
Class conducted by a Bilingual Native Japanese speaker. They are coming from different industries, having different backgrounds, and age from 20 y.o to 50 y.o.
Conversation Topics That Will "MAKE" You Speak Higher Level Japanese
More than 250 different topics every month surrounding Japan culture, work, news, anime and more for you to practice Japanese conversation.​
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***You are not require to attend all sessions, because all topics are not connected. However it is best if you can attend at least 2 sessions a week.


Who should subscribe to SJE Program?

- If your goal is to speak like a Native Japanese.

- If you are searching for the most effective way to improve your Japanese speaking skills.

- If you are looking for different Japanese conversation practice partner​s.

- If you want to learn Japanese speaking with Native Japanese from different background.


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