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What Is SJE Program?


SJE Program is a conversation based learning program aimed to take your Japanese speaking skills a step closer to native level through guidance by native Japanese teachers and practicing conversation with Japanese learners from all over the world.


More Than 10 Bilingual Native Japanese Teachers Wait To Practice Japanese Conversation With You.

Guidance By Bilingual Native Japanese Speakers​
No more speaking awkwardly. Our bilingual Native Japanese Teacher that came from different industries, having different backgrounds, and age range from 20 y.o to 50 y.o. will show you how to speak Japanese naturally like native.
Unlimited Access To Class
Classes are available 365 days a year, even on holidays! We will have 9 live speaking sessions everyday(50 min per session). Students from all over the world can join anytime , anywhere at their own convenience!
Conversation Topics That Will "MAKE" You Speak Higher Level Japanese
There will be more than 250 different topics every month surrounding Japan culture, work, news, anime, global hot topics and more for you to practice Japanese conversation.​
New Approach To Level Up Your Japanese Speaking Skill
This is not your typical Japanese class. It is a Japanese conversation training ground to perfect your Japanese speaking skills. You'll be focus only on improving your Japanese speaking skills and learning how Native Japanese speak.


You'll Be Discovering, Exploring, Discussing About Japan & Its Culture

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Discover More About Japan & Its Culture

On top of practicing speaking Japanese, our native bilingual teachers will also share their knowledge about the topic in class. So student will have a better understanding on the topic.

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Explore & Share Your Thinking With Everyone In Class

To boost your confidence in speaking Japanese, our native bilingual teachers will pick students to share their thinking about the class topic with all students in the class.

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Discuss / Debate The Topic In A Small Group Setting

There will also be a small group discussion sessions between students to discuss more in-depth about the topic. (From time to time, there will be debate session as well.)

What Our Students Say
Katie Marple
"I love Meo-sensei's classes, she always takes the time to write down new words in the chat box which is so important for reviewing later. At the end of the class she also points out the words which she thinks are most useful! Thankyou Meo-san : )"

30 August 2021
What Our Students Say
Crystal Chew
"Thanks for always correcting my sentences to make it sound more natural, and for patiently explaining terms that we don't understand :)"

22 August 2021
What Our Students Say
Grace Co
"Thank you for making the lesson fun and interactive. The speaking session is very well organized. どうもありがとうございました"

18 August 2021
What Our Students Say
Jasmine Griner
"Yuki-sensei perfectly combined lesson with conversation. Thank you!"

17 August 2021
What Our Students Say
Jasmine Griner
"So kind and always puts the vocabulary up on the side chat. Love her energy and very optimist style of teaching ! Thank you for the great experience Minatsu san"

25 May 2021

There are currently more than 150 students attending SJE Program to improve their Japanese conversation skills.

365 Days Classes
There will be 9 "LIVE SPEAKING SESSIONS" everyday(50 mins per session).
You can "ACCESS TO ALL CLASSES UNLIMITEDLY" to practice Japanese speaking with people from all over the world.


8.00AM - 8.50AM JST

9AM - 9.50AM JST

10AM - 10.50AM JST


3.00PM - 3.50PM JST

4.00PM - 4.50PM JST

5.00PM - 5.50PM JST


9.00PM - 9.50PM JST

10.00PM - 10.50PM JST

11.00PM - 11.50PM JST

***You are not require to attend all sessions, because all topics are not connected. However it is best if you can attend at least 2 sessions a week.

Price & Plan


Start your speaking journey with less than 2.50$ per day!

1 Month

$75 / month


Original Price
7 Days Free Trial
Unlimited Access To All 250+ Speaking Classes

6 Month

$45 / month


40% OFF From Original Price
7 Days Free Trial
Unlimited Access To All 250+ Speaking Classes

Must Know Before Subscribing To SJE Program

What is SJE Program?

SJE Program is an Japanese Speaking Practice Program. Each practice sessions is conducted by a Native Japanese through Zoom.

How does SJE program works?

SJE Program is a subscription based learning program. You will be charged for monthly subscription fees and bounded to a minimum subscription period depending on the subscription plan you subscribe to. During your subscription period, you can attend all "EASY JAPANESE'' and "ADVANCE JAPANESE" speaking sessions.

How does the payment work?

The subscription fee is charged monthly and you will be bound to a minimum subscription period.

1 Month Subscription Plan - $75 per month with minimum subscription of 1 month.
3 Months Subscription Plan -$50 per month with minimum subscription of 3 months.
6 Months Subscription Plan - $45 per month with minimum subscription of 6 months.

After the bounded subscription period,  you can decide to continue your plan with the same price, or unsubscribe.

What is the minimum Japanese level to join SJE?

SJE Program is divided into 2 levels.
Easy Japanese - Completed N4 level syllabus(or equivalent) and above
Advance Japanese - Completed N3 level syllabus(or equivalent) and above

What would happen if I decided to quit? Can I get a refund?​

You can quit easily by submitting a form 2 weeks in advance before your next subscription payment and enjoy the remaining SJE program subscription before your subscription ends. But unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. You can always talk to our support team if any issues arise.

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