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The Affordable Food Guide
Tokyo Edition

Live In Japan | 10 Minutes Read
Written by : Aliza
20 August 2021

No matter where you’re living in Japan, Tokyo is a city that you must visit at least once. The capital of Japan is known as the world's largest metropolis, attracting tourists from all over the world with its renowned shopping sites and restaurants.

Who wouldn't want to go on a food adventure without going broke? People, we have got your back! We have prepared for you a guide for trying out some of the most affordable restaurants in one of the most expensive cities in the world. We have tried to cover all types of food for you, let's see how many you can actually try on your next trip to Tokyo.

1. Sushizanmai

Coming to Tokyo and not trying out sushi is a crime - well, not really. But who can resist exquisite sushi at affordable prices?

Sushi Zanmai is located in Tsukiji, the biggest fish market in Tokyo. The restaurant offers a lunch set consisting of sushi, tamagoyaki, makizushi (rolled sushi), miso soup, salad, and green tea. This classic one-person lunch set will cost you around 800-yen with generous serving and free refills of green tea. Dine in and pick up options are available at the restaurant; however, there is no delivery.

2. Sanuki Udon Hanamaru

The restaurant specialises in Udon noodles made through Japanese traditional ways. It is located in the center of Sanuki Udon, has become popular among many health conscious customers.

The restaurant offers healthy and affordable noodles made out of only wheat flour, salt, and water. The makers believe that the simplicity of the ingredients is the secret to the delicate texture of the noodles and the profound taste. You can get these traditional noodles in three sizes (small, medium, and large), with prices as low as 150-Yen.


Are you tired of all the Japanese food and need a beer? Let's take a break and try out something from this western style restaurant. Located on the basement floor of the Lumine Est shopping complex, the small restaurant offers quality western style food and drinks at affordable prices, some at around 500-yen. For soups to salads to burgers, this is the place!

4. Saishoku Kenbi

Are you a vegetarian and we have unsettled you with all the talk about meat? No worries, we have got you covered as well. Try out Saishoku Kenbi for the all vegetarian menu. All ingredients are purely vegetarian; however, you’ll find ‘chicken’ or ‘steak’ on their menu - it's made of greens too! What you must try is the one plate lunch deal and the menu sets.

5. Neiroya

Neiroya, located in Suginami city, is known for a creative variety of ramen, delicious kakigori (shaved ice desserts) and tasteful curries. The restaurant offers ramen in different price ranges starting from 800-Yen. Start off by trying the rich and flavorsome soupless lemon soba and top it off with the cooling kakigori.

6. Minatoya Shokuhin

Minatoya Shokuhin, located in Taito city, is your one spot for the most amazing and affordable seafood. While the restaurant is popularly known for its seafood donburi bowl, the restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood and other items as well.

The menu is tourist friendly, with pictures and ingredient descriptions in both English and Japanese. The seafood is fresh and comes directly from the Tsukiji market. You can definitely have a good meal and a good time for 500-yen to 1,000-yen.

7. Sweet Paradise

For your sweet ending, we would recommend the sweet paradise. Located in Shibuya, the restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet. Yes, you read that right!

All the dessert and drinks you can eat and drink from the 30 types of desserts and 25 different drinks they offer. The catch is that you’ve only got 1 hour. You can easily purchase your ticket from the vending machine at the entrance. And in case you’re craving more rice, there are other food options available as well.

From noodles and sushi, to veggies and sweets, you have a number of options to choose from without causing a significant dent on your bank accounts. Exploring restaurants in Tokyo is never ending with hidden gems around almost every corner of the street. If we’ve missed any of your favorite hidden restaurants, do share it with us so we can add it to our list for the next trip!