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The Fancy Food Guide
- Tokyo Edition -

Live In Japan | 8 Minutes Read
Written by : Aliza
23 August 2021

Want to treat yourself with something fancy for putting up with the stressful month you’ve had? We might have the perfect location for you! How about we take a trip to Tokyo and try out some of these amazing Michelin star restaurants together. You might want to prepare for significant damage to your wallet.

Japanese cuisine made from some of the finest, flavorful ingredients and with the most unique cooking techniques makes Japan a food haven for all the foodies around the world. And for all the fine-dining lovers out there, this may not come as a secret to you that Tokyo is home to some of the best restaurants in the world.

When it comes to fine-dining options in Tokyo, there are too many to count. To make this experience a significant one and to ultimately satisfy your craving for fine-dining, we have narrowed them down to our top 6 favorite restaurants in Tokyo. Take your pick!

Tapas Molecular Bar

Located on the 38th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Tokyo, Tapas Molecular Bar is a perfect mixture of fine dining with creativity. The restaurant is known to provide its customers with a unique dining experience through its exquisite molecular cuisine, artistic presentation, pleasant ambiance, and extraordinary customer service.

With the layout similar to that of a traditional sushi bar, it allows customers to watch the preparation and cooking process for each dish. The chef, Kento Ushikubo is known for bringing the art and innovativeness into fine dining to create a meaningful experience for the guests. Known for exclusivity, the restaurant only receives a small group of eight people for each round.

Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511

Located in Akasaka, Tokyo, Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 is known to serve first-class Kobe Beef, served and cooked with superb culinary technique and a warm hospitable environment. The restaurant also has an abundant variety of the finest wine selections in the wine cellar for you to choose from. The Kobe steaks are a must try, cooked to perfection giving the meat an incredible texture and taste.

Everything from service, to the food, the attention to detail and ambience of this place will blow your mind. A private dining experience, A5 grade beef with a marbling value of 11 and some wine, does that not sound like a perfectly stylish and relaxing dining experience?


Located on the 7th floor of the Four Seasons hotel in Tokyo, Sezanne is a modern style French restaurant with elegant decoration and the most exquisite wine collection.

The restaurant has a neutral-pastel theme with a display of unique artwork of Annie Morris, giving it the perfect luxurious touch. The menu includes a wide variety of modern French cuisine by Michelin starred Chef Daniel Calvert, complemented by Pastry Chef Elwyn Boyles’ repertoire of beautifully balanced desserts.


Known for its spectacular Kaiseki style cuisine, Kikko provides its guests with a traditional and old-fashioned Japanese restaurant vibe and a taste of Japan’s old cuisine with a unique artistic touch. And what is traditional food without some nostalgic traditional music? With a traditional low table, and a peaceful atmosphere, the restaurant allows its guests to sit comfortably and enjoy their meal while listening to music.

To add more of a traditional touch, the restaurant uses traditional shamisen for entertaining music performances while the guests feast on the appetizing cuisine.

Kagurazaka Ishikawa

Known for its modern minimalist interior and high quality food, Kagurazaka Ishikawa offers its guests refined cuisine and an extraordinary dining experience.

The fixed menu consists of a variety of dishes; be it grilled, steamed, fried or simmered. The restaurant, located in a hidden alleyway, is also known for its exceptional customer service, with friendly and helpful staff members and a talkative chef.

The seating arrangement at the restaurant includes both private dining areas and a wood counter to watch your food being prepared by the chef. You may need to plan super early in order to reserve a table on the day you want!

Sushi Yoshitake

Want to know our favorite sushi place in Tokyo? Well, picking a single restaurant is a little tough but Sushi Yoshitake might just be the one! Sushi Yoshitake is your place for the best sushi experience, with fresh and flavorful sushi prepared right in front of you.

This seven-seater sushi restaurant provides its guests with an intimate, memorable dining experience - and an otoro that just melts on your tongue . With about 26 different types of mouth-watering dishes and a homey interior, the restaurant strives to provide superior customer service to match their perfect food.

The chef makes sure to listen to how the diners want their food to be served and sliced. So, would you like to join us for probably the best sushi experience of your life?

What are you waiting for? Bring your dearest one to these top dining experience restaurant now!